Wilderness Centenary 2021

Wilderness celebrates it’s Centenary in July 2021 and George Tourism, together with the Wilderness Residents & Ratepayers Association wants to make this not only an event, but a year to remember. 

Some of the ideas that have been suggested include a themed event on the Common with old cars; a Centenary Dinner/Ball; local artists performing at local restaurants; a book launch; sporting events and a potjiekos competition . The idea is that each event or project will be run by an organization under the  umbrella of the Centenary Committee. The intention is to have events taking place over a couple of month in the run up to big day in July.

Initial discussions between  the WRRA, Ward Councillor  Marlene Barnardt, Portfolio Councillor for Finance and Strategic Services, Dirk Wessels and George Tourism Manager, Joan Shaw, George Tourism Manager highlighted the need to include as many community groups, sectors & organizations into the planning of the project as possible.  In order to achieve a sustainable, long term event, all interested parties are invited to get involved in the planning process and to elect the Centenary Committee to head up the arrangements.

Should you (as an individual)  or an organization (that you represent)t be interested  in getting involved, please email your contact details to supporttourism@george.gov.za.  Submission should reach us by Friday 14 August.

Once the interest has been measured, a meeting will be set up with those who responded and further details regarding the election and structure of a Committee will be discussed.  Participation from individuals and organisations located in Touwsranten, Kleinkrantz,  Hoekwil and all other areas are welcomed. The George Municipality would like the Wilderness Centenary Celebrations next year to be the launch pad for  future, sustainable events that will provide a necessary economic injection into the tourism industry post Covid-19 and create enduring and long term opportunities for the residents of the area.

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