Essential Financial Services update applicable from 22 June

The George Municipality thanks ratepayers who have been able and willing for paying their accounts despite the many Covid-19 challenges.

Printed municipal accounts for May 2020 have been issued but may take some time to reach ratepayers as the postal service only has a third of its staff serving under Level 3.
We have been advised by the George Post Office that mail will start moving on Monday 29 June. We request that ratepayers that do not receive their accounts before the account due date of 15 June, to pay their monthly average amount.

Online accounts via email have not been affected by lockdown. If you want to receive your account via email, please mail a request to

George Municipality Mobile App subscribers can still access new statement amounts by the 27th of each month. Download the App from your mobile Playstore – when you register the first time,
use your mobile phone number as the username and password (you can change the password once you are in).

Please note the Finance Hall in the George Municipality Main Building remains closed on Covid-19 Lockdown Level 3 and ratepayers are requested to use one of the below-mentioned methods to make payment.

Accounts can be paid via electronic transfer (EFT – see details below), via pay@ mobile applications (see details below) and at Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, USave and SPAR.

Please take your most recent available account statement with you so that the shop can access the bar code that connects your payment to your GRG account number.

Meter readings
While meter readings have resumed, customers are encouraged to submit their meter readings electronically via email by the 5th of each month to or or

Please include your GRG account number and date of reading.

If for some reason, meter readings could not have been performed and you have not made an electronic meter reading submission, estimations will be used to calculate related rates. 

Bank Details for electronic payment
Account Name: George Municipality
Account Number: 010 2222 0981
Branch Code: 632005

Reference: your GRG account number

Proof of payment to be sent to 

pay@ mobile applications
Download Masterpass, Snapscan, or Zapper application on your mobile phone and complete your profile.

Load your credit or debit card.

To pay the account, open ‘Wallet’ inside the App you have downloaded and scan the QR code (the black square with the little squares inside it on the bottom right of your account).

Enter the amount you are going to pay and complete the transaction.

The App will confirm your successful, secure transaction.

You can also use  the following link for payment of your account :

Click on the link and enter the Pay@ reference number (number starting with 11413) which appears on your account. Your customer information will appear with payment options to choose from.

Prepaid electricity purchases

The electricity token is automatically sent to the client via SMS or email.
Mobile apps belonging to banks also have a pre-paid electricity purchase function.

For prepaid enquiries please contact 044 873 5474 

General enquiries

Please provide your GRG account number with all enquiries.



044 801 9009 or 044 801 9004 or 044 801 9017 or 044 801 9135.

Please note that limited assistance is available as personnel may be working offline.

Credit Control enquiries: 084 769 5635

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