3 George Municipality essential service officials test positive

George Municipality confirms that we currently have 3 essential service officials who have tested positive for Covid-19.

The relevant buildings have consequently been closed for disinfection as is standard practice and the relevant officials from the traffic department are currently self-isolating, will be screened and tested if so required. The Provincial Traffic Department in George has indicated that their resources will be deployed to assist our traffic department until all officials are cleared to resume duties.

Municipal Manager, Mr Trevor Botha emphasized  that the safety of our staff as well as that of the public remain a priority and we ask that the public and our officials remain calm as all of the protocols are being addressed in terms of Covid-19 safety measures.  All of our essential workers including protection services officials have from the onset of lockdown been issued with and wearing the correct PPE whilst performing their functions to protect themselves and any members of the public they may have been in contact with. All municipal officials strictly follow the guidelines from the Health Department with their temperatures screened daily and social distancing measures practised in our workspaces.

“I would like to remind the public that although lockdown regulations have eased slightly, we remain at Level 4. It is of paramount importance that members of the public must act responsibly and follow the prescribed COVID-19 preventative measures. Please wear your mask, wash and disinfect your hands regularly, do not share food and drinks and practice social distancing. Stay at home where you can, and most importantly stay safe,” said Mr Botha.

The George Health department is responsible for the contact tracing to find any persons the officials may have been in contact with outside the workplace and the municipality is assisting the Health practitioners where possible. The Municipal Manager thanked the health department for their professional and rapid response thus far confirming that our officials are in very good hands.

Speaker Gerrit Pretorius advised that the Special Council meeting which had been scheduled for today, 19 May at 14h00 has been postponed as a number of roleplayers involved in today’s meeting have been in contact with one of the officials who tested positive and will receive screening and possible testing if so required.

  • NATIONAL COVID-19 hotline on 0800 029 999.
  • WHATSAPP SUPPORT LINE 0600 123 456   – Put the number into your contacts and Whatsapp “Hi”
  • For more information and the latest news on COVID-19, please visit: http://westerncape.gov.za/coronavirus

Notes on testing positive: The Western Cape Health Department issued a media statement last week in which they confirmed that community transmission of Covid-19 is now well established in the Western Cape, which means that many people will be infected. However, it must also be noted that about 80 – 90% of people who contract Covid-19, will be able to recover without hospitalization.  Anyone can be infected with Covid-19 and anyone can carry the virus, even without showing symptoms. The Coronavirus does not discriminate between age, gender, race, or disability.

Please remember that there is no shame in being referred for testing or testing positive. Also remember most people will recover after a mild illness. Covid-19 does not discriminate, and anyone can be infected.  Our officials need to support those who have tested positive. It is normal to feel scared, anxious, confused and even panic because of the virus and what we don’t know. But these feelings should not make you discriminate against someone who has tested positive. We must offer our support. Although you should avoid physical contact, you can support them by messaging or calling to ask how they are doing. Remember, it is a difficult time for the infected or affected people and they need compassion, love, and support. Instead of stigmatising or discriminating, you can offer to help them.

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