Protection Services consistent in assisting the community and laying down the law during Covid-19

George Municipality Protection Services have been consistent in keeping up their excellent work during the Covid-19 lockdown operations in going the extra mile to keep people safe, assisting with cleaning, and laying down the law.

Fire Department officials use  Bioside sanitizer to clean GO GEORGE bus stops and the GO GEORGE Transport Hub

George Municipal Manager Trevor Botha previously commended  Fire and Disaster Management, Traffic, Law Enforcement, Anti-Land Invasion and GO GEORGE for the crucial roles each unit plays in the bigger picture. The George Municipality is part of the Garden Route Multi-Agency Coordinating Committee (formerly the Garden Route District Municipality Joint Operations Centre) but has also established its own George Municipal Joint Operations Centre (JOC) to coordinate municipal operations.  

Teams doing foot patrols in the communities. And 3. DMA team doing foot patrols

“We thank all of these officials for their dedication and commitment to their duties during these unusual times”, said Director for Protection Services, Steven Erasmus.

illegal dumping
illegal dumping

The George Fire department staff last week began with the sanitizing of GO GEORGE bus shelters and the GO GEORGE HUB. The cleansing will be ongoing on a scheduled basis while they do their usual fire fighting duties as well. During the past 2 weeks, the department attended to at least  72 incidents including house fires, veld fires, vehicles burning, and four accidents.  The officials that operate the George JOC – / Disaster Call Centre are dealing with an average of 40 – 50 calls daily from 08h00 to 20h00 including weekends. The George Municipality donation drive-through centre is also being managed by the George Municipality Fire, Rescue and Disaster Management departments in coordination with George Municipality Community and Social Development section and is open 8am-6pm on weekdays and 8am-5pm on weekends and public holidays.

A  Law Enforcement Officer checks if a Covid-19 Lockdown permit is in order
A Law Enforcement Officer checks if a Covid-19 Lockdown permit is in order

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown, Traffic and Law Enforcement officers have been involved in a range of activities including visible policing, patrolling, and supporting security and emergency agencies in George and surrounds including Haarlem and Uniondale. They continue to enforce municipal by-laws and have played a vital role in awareness and information to the public with regard to the Covid-19 restrictions. They have also been assisting our cleansing department with the clearing of illegal dumping sites. The Law Enforcement officials have been in neighbourhoods to warn people to stay off the streets. While residents in most neighbourhoods are generally adhering to lockdown regulations, officers respond to occasional calls of people roaming or hanging around outside shops and kids playing in the streets. Normal duties such as the impounding of stray animals continue.

Traffic officers continue with traffic safety and roadblocks. In the past weeks, they have dealt with people driving without a driver’s licence, driving with unregistered vehicles and vehicles without number plates. Several fines were issued. Our Anti-Land Invasion unit continues to assist in transporting the homeless to the temporary shelter at Rosemore Stadium and assisting with the enforcement of municipal bylaws such as illegal informal vendors, illegal structures and occupations, vagrants and closing businesses not allowed to operate during lockdown.

Caption: Fire Department officials use Bioside sanitizer to clean GO GEORGE bus stops and the GO GEORGE Transport Hub.

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