George Municipality: Media Statement 1 April 2020

Trevor Botha, Municipal Manager today issued a notice appealing to everyone to submit their problems and queries as per the standard channels for our officials and departments to deal with.  

Our directorates and officials have been working around the clock to implement a number of measures to curb the spread of this pandemic as per the national directives received on a daily basis as of the 22 March 2020.

Councillors and the public are urged to adhere to the lockdown regulations and note that George Municipality will not entertain any requests for gatherings or meetings in line with the State of Emergency and lockdown amended Regulations 6.7.1, 6.7.2 and 6.7.3 [specifically 6.7.3(b) which determines that municipalities may not convene, nor allow, any meeting to take place on its premises, other than those allowed by law, such as Command Centre Meetings, as issued by the President of South Africa. The regulations cannot be applied selectively and George Municipality will abide by the law. Our emergency services, social services and protection services officials are working strictly in conjunction with our district, provincial and national disaster centres. Again the use of politics, badgering and posturing by some of the political parties is proving to be counter-productive and a hindrance to the work being done.

George Municipality would like to confirm to our residents that as this is a national disaster,  a comprehensive media campaign is being worked from, by  National and provincial government in response to this pandemic. The campaign is being rolled out at great pace and George Municipality has ensured that all communications received from both national and provincial government is being disseminated to the public, media and Council. George Municipality is focusing on information around the essential services the administration needs to keep in place for our residents,  as well as informing our greater communities of the COVID-19 pandemic with all of the communication channels available to us.

The George Municipal Disaster Management plan as approved by Council is in place and is being implemented in conjunction with that of the District and Provincial Disaster Centres. The George Municipal Covid Committee established on 16 March in response to this crisis has ensured that business continuity plans are in place for each directorate and which included planning for our most vulnerable communities. 
George Municipality is reprioritising our various departmental budgets in terms of the applicable MFMA amendments, as per the directive of National Treasury allowing for unforeseen and unavoidable expenditure.  The municipality has made provision, albeit it limited for dedicated funding for disaster situations. Protocols are currently in place for the collection of donations.  We have issued a registration form for private individuals, NGO’s and businesses to register desire to supply donations.

All ward related matters are to be forwarded by Councillors to Mr Johan Du Preez, and these are in turn relayed to the COVID Committee and directorates for further action and feedback.
(The telephone number of Mr Du Preez has been issued to all George Councillors).

Customer Care Service Centres are staffed and all queries are being logged and attended to by officials. The following numbers are relevant for all public queries.

Civil matters to be referred to the Civil Customer Service Centre  044 801 9262/6

Electrotechnical matters to be referred to the Electro-technical  Customer  Service Centre on 044 801 9222 and 044 801 9202

Finance queries to 084 830 5882 or 084 769 5635
Emergency Services Control Room for Fire 044 8016311 and other 044 8016300
After Hours 044 8016300

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