Driving License and Vehicle Testing Station closed Covid-19 lockdown

The Western Cape Department Transport and Public Works has confirmed to George Municipality that Driving Licencing Centres and Vehicle Testing Centres would be closed for the duration of the Covid-19 lockdown period (midnight Thursday 26 March 2020 to midnight 16 April 2020).

The municipality awaits confirmation surrounding arrangements for Vehicle Licensing Centres but expects this too to be closed.

Please note driving licensing tests and learner driving licensing tests that would have taken place during the lockdown period dates are postponed to the first available testing opportunities after the lockdown. The new dates will be communicated via SMS to the relevant applicants during the first week after the lockdown and are expected to be slotted in on weekends to address the backlog.

According to a letter by Western Cape Director Transport Administration and Licensing, Michael Gallant, to municipalities today (24 March 2020) services rendered by the Transport Administration and Licensing Directorate (TAL) to the public, its municipal agents and private vehicle testing stations will be suspended during the lockdown period. 

TAL will also suspend services such as exemption permits for film shoots, events on provincial roads and abnormal load vehicles. 

The TAL has indicated it hoped to address backlogs by initiating the speeding up of online services as well as a request for the National Minister of Transport to consider granting extensions in the cases below – feedback on this will be communicated when the George Municipality has received confirmation:

  1. The validity period of a learner’s license.
  2. The validity period of a driving license card.
  3. The period to exchange a foreign driving license to an RSA license.
  4. The period to convert an ID book driving license to a CCF license under the circumstances still allowed by legislation.
  5. The validity and grace periods pertaining to a temporary permit, roadworthy certificate, motor trade number renewal and to register and license a motor vehicle (including annual renewal).

TAL also awaits feedback from the National Minister in regard to a request for waiving of penalties for late vehicle registration and licensing and annual renewal, as well as to acknowledge COVID-19 as a reason to defer a learner’s or driving license test (whether the applicant was infected or self-isolated). Feedback on this will be communicated when the George Municipality has received confirmation.

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