Information on Payment Methods/Betaling Advies

All municipal offices  remain OPEN but ACCESS WILL BE RESTRICTED from Friday 20 March 2020 to employees only and members of the public who have pre-arranged appointments with the relevant department.

George Municipality requests the public to phone in with queries, correspond via email where possible or use online services where available.

Security officials at the entrances to all municipal buildings – including external buildings such as Civil Engineering Services, Community Services and Electrical Services Directorates – will provide hand sanitisation materials. Any member of the public refusing to use the sanitiser will regrettably be denied access.  Notebooks and pens will, however, be available at the entrances of external service directorates to manually record complaints and enquiries.

Absa Bank

Rekening naam/Account Name: George Munisipaliteit/George Municipality

Rek nommer/Account Number: 010 2222 0981

Tak Kode/Branch Code: 632005

Rekening betalings/Account Payments

Clients please use your GRG account number as reference / Kliente moet hulle GRG rekening nommer gebruik as verwysing.

Proof of payment to be sent to / Bewys van betaling moet gestuur word na

Pre-paid krag aankope/Prepaid Electricity purchases

Die token word outomaties per sms of per epos aan die klient gestuur/ The token is automatically sent to the client via sms or email

Die banke se Apps het ook ‘n pre-paid funksie./ Apps belonging to Banks also have the pre-paid purchase function.

Pre-Paid krag bokse wat geblok is/Prepaid electricity meters that are blocked

Kliente kan telefonies navraag doen by/ Clients please do telephonic enquiries to:




Kliente kan per epos navraag doen by / Email queries to

Betaalbewys tov meters wat geblok is moet gestuur na/ Proof of payment for blocked meters must be sent to FAX: 0864571357

Of gemail word na  / or emailed to

Kliente moet asb die Pre-Paid meter nommer noem in die korrespondensie./Please include the Pre-Paid meter number in the correspondence

Na ure navrae tov Pre-paid meters wat geblok is kan gerig word aan  / After hours queries with regard to Pre-paid meters that are blocked can be directed to 0636995998


Maandag tot Vrydag: 17h00 tot 20h00

Saterdae: 08h00 tot 20h00

Sondae: 08h00 tot 14h00

Alle tipe navrae kan ook gerig word na / General enquiries to of na/or


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