19-year-old Georgian pulled from the surf at Leentjiesklip

Mike Vonk, NSRI Wilderness deputy station commander, said:

On Sunday, 05 January, at 19h05, a 19 year-old male from George was swimming with friends at Leentjiesklip in Wilderness when he was caught in rip currents.

The lifeguards duty had closed for the day and lifeguards, who were still on the beach and packing up for the day, noticed the casualty, who was struggling and caught in a rip current, and immediately deployed into the surf to assist.

Three lifeguards entered the water and were able to reach the teenager finding him barely conscious in the water and the lifeguards rescued him to the beach. 

An NSRI Wilderness crew member, who was nearby on the beach at the time, responded to assist the lifeguards with medical assistance and the patient was placed in the recovery position.

The NSRI crewman activated WC Government Health EMS and then drove to the nearby NSRI sea rescue base to fetch medical oxygen and additional first aid equipment.

The casualty was treated for non-fatal drowning symptoms by the NSRI medic, assisted by the lifeguards, before being handed into the care of the EMS paramedics on their arrival.

The patient was transported to hospital by EMS ambulance where he is now in a stable condition and he is expected to make a full recovery.

Sea Rescue commends the quick response of the lifeguards to save the casualty.

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