Graduation Ceremony honours students

The George Community Services Directorate, Youth Development Section has conducted Youth Leadership Development Workshops for youth from several areas concluding training with 125 students.

This programme cultivates responsible citizenship amongst young people, stimulating them to become productive citizens, who are able to apply innovative approaches and solutions to challenges that young people are facing, and act as Youth Ambassadors in their areas. Students were drawn from Kleinkrantz, Touwsranten, Pacaltsdorp, Rosemore and Parkdene.

The training was done inhouse and took place over a period of two full days per area with a series of workshops held in different venues. Through this programme, the Youth Development Section aims to create a sense of responsibility, through patriotism, amongst young people. The students have been capacitated with Leadership and Lifeskills Training, Vision Creation, Partnership Establishment and Job Readiness in order for them to identify workable solutions, through workable, ward-based programmes to address the challenges that they are facing.

A graduation ceremony was held on 12th November to honour the students with a full programme of events. Councillor Jacqulique Von Brandis provided the keynote address and indicated that she had also taken part in such a youth leadership programme, many years ago, and because of this programme she is now a local government councillor. She encouraged the students. “I feel that with the right attitude and hard work you can reach great heights,” said Cllr Von Brandis.

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