Update – Water outage for Wilderness Tuesday, 8 October at 08:30

A failure occurred on the water mains supplying Wilderness across the Kaaimans Railway Bridge yesterday and presently the status quo remains the same.

The bridge will be inspected for safety today before any repairs can be carried out and the sourcing of materials is in process. The Wilderness Heights area is affected in particular with either low water pressure or no water. Water trucks are being used to try and keep the reservoir at a reasonable level and consumers are urged to keep water usage to a minimum. Water trucks are stationed at the Wilderness Heights shop, on the corner of Silver and Whites Roads and at Remskoen Road at the Informal Settlement for consumers to collect water with their own containers.  

George Municipality apologizes for the inconvenience and assures the public that the repair efforts are being expedited as quickly as is possible given the difficult location of the failure and all safety concerns have to be addressed. Further updates will be provided throughout the day.

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