Pre Sea Training for Fire Brigade officials

Eleven officials from the George Fire Brigade recently completed their Pre-Sea training in Knysna on August 21st.

Huddling together to form a human float are clockwise from top, Wilton Oktober, Densil Saaiman, Bertus Vermeulen, Solly Gysman, Warwick Fisher and Santa Sternsdorf

The training is required for all persons who work on Commercial Sea vessels, which the Fire Brigade Rescue boat is registered as. According to Ms Santa Sternsdorf, Platoon Commander at George Fire Brigade, the training started with a few hours of theory and finished up with training in the water. Candidates had to jump into the water, huddle together and form a human float and then swim the last lap to the slipway to get out of the water. The Fire Brigade officials will also soon receive skipper training for the vessel.

Group photo: In front are Solly Gysman and Andrew Aveley. At the back are Densil Saaiman, Louis Julies, Joseph Fortuin, Machiel Troskie, Bertus Vermeulen, Santa Sternsdorf, Nico Rossouw, Wilton Oktober, Warwick Fisher and Gereldene Claasen.

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