Taking a Stand against Violence towards Women

The male councillors and officials present at the Ordinary Council of Thursday 22 August stood together to show their solidarity for the reduction of Violent Crime against Women movement during Woman’s Month.

Elzabeth Stroebel (DA)

The District Commissioner of SALGA, George Councillor Liza Stroebel had especially requested the photograph for her male counterparts to show their support for the plight of increasing crime against women, not only during the month of August, but also throughout the year.

“Our news media is flooded on a weekly basis of crime against women and children and it is a matter of grave concern in our society. Articles have shown that three women die of femicide on a daily basis in South Africa. We need to show our support wherever and however possible,” said Cllr Stroebel.

World Health Organisation (WHO) data shows that in 2000 the murder rate of women in South Africa was more than five times the world average. Rape, targeting women and girls, is a serious problem in South Africa. The 2016/17 Victims of Crime statistical release reported that 250 out of every 100 000 women were victims of sexual offenses compared to 120 out of every 100 000 men.

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