Mandela Day: Deaf community help their own

The deaf community of George helped one of their own as part of Mandela Day activities today.

George Municipality Deaf Support Group, headed by gender and disability coordinator Ejustley Boshoff (far left in group shot and front in painting photos) joined efforts with DeafSA and 10 members of the deaf community to clean and paint the outside of the house of Susan and Norman Jacobs.

Susan (pictured here in light green) is deaf and heads a household of 16 who all live together in the house.

The beneficiary is 65 years old, has three daughters in the house with their seven children (grandchildren) and four great-great grandchildren, as well as her brother who is also deaf-mute. (The total people in the house is 17, not 16 as indicated earlier).

You can quote gender and disability coordinator Ejustley Boshoff: “Susan was in tears and completely overwhelmed when we arrived to paint her house. She cannot speak, but we could see from her body language and expressions that she was very grateful and touched.

“Susan lives a very tough life and we hope our gesture casts some light on her selfless commitment to her family.”

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