Thembalethu protests

Director Human Settlements, Charles Lubbe, confirmed that residents from Frans, AllBrick, Mandela Village, Damini, Rhodesia (Zone 7) and Telkom informal settlements protested regarding a range of issues which was addressed as follows:

One of the major issues is the lack of electricity infrastructure, which leads to illegal tapping of electricity from neighbouring formal housing networks, which then trips the electricity to the entire area and leaves everyone in the dark – which is a major point of friction between the communities. The municipality has agreed to supply temporary infrastructure which will enable the informal areas to buy and access electricity legally, without tripping the network because of overload on the lines. Planning and implementation to the value of R1-million has been allocated towards this project. People will be on site tomorrow to identify the most suitable sites for infrastructure placement and detailed planning will commence on Monday.

A working committee of municipal officials and community leaders have been established to ensure regular feedback and cooperation.

The municipality is fast-tracking application to the Western Cape government to access Interim Services Support Programme (ISSP) funding to assist with the supply of temporary water and sanitary supply infrastructure.

Other infrastructure needs will become part of the future budgeting process as per the Integrated Development Plan.

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