Three nabbed in two days in connection with incidents of assault and theft

adt_a_tyco_business-logoThree suspects were handed over for arrest to the George South African Police Service after separate incidents of assault and theft.

On Monday 17 February at about 21h15, a resident of Windsor Street contacted the ADT Security Monitoring Centre to report that they heard screams outside. Armed Response Officer (ARO) Gideon Lategan was dispatched and upon arrival he saw a woman being beaten by two men. The officer apprehended the suspects and radioed the Monitoring Centre to contact the paramedics and police.

At about 10h20 on Tuesday 18 February, ARO Adriaan van Rensburg responded to an alarm activation at a property in Barrie Way. As he neared he noticed a man who carried camping chairs walking away from the property. Van Rensburg stopped his vehicle a safe distance, climbed out and approached him. The suspect was apprehended after he could not explain to the officer where he had obtained the chairs from. It was later discovered that the man had climbed over a wall into the property and triggered outdoor beams that activated the alarm. The homeowner confirmed that the stolen chairs belonged to him.

Arno Hattingh, Manager of ADT Security’s Garden Route Branch, commended the resident for his quick-thinking to contact them immediately when he heard the screams.

“Never confront intruders or suspicious individuals on your property or in the street. Rather contact your security provider or the police immediately and remain indoors until officers have arrived, assessed the situation and given the all clear that it is safe to go outside.”

Hattingh also had the following tips for homeowners to safeguard their premises when they are not home.

–       Always ensure that the alarm system and all additional security devices are armed before leaving home.

–       Regularly test the alarm system and other security hardware – such as panic buttons, infra-red detectors, beams and the battery – to check that they are all in good working condition.

Be sure that nothing is left in the yard or garden that a crook could use as a weapon or to gain entry to your home.

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