Burglars’ abandoned loot recovered by a diligent security guard

A flat-screen television was recovered recently, on the same day that it was stolen during a burglary at a George home, thanks to the diligence of a local security officer.

ADT Security Armed Response Officer Adriaan van Rensburg with the recovered flat-screen television.
ADT Security Armed Response Officer Adriaan van Rensburg with the recovered flat-screen television.

Shortly before 14:00 on Friday 07 February, ADT Security Armed Response Officer (ARO) Adriaan van Rensburg was dispatched to an alarm activation at a property in Uitspan Street. Within three minutes he arrived at the address and discovered that he had only limited access to the front and side of the property. The ARO contacted the Monitoring Centre and requested that they notify the homeowner to send a key-holder.

When the key-holder arrived van Rensburg was able to conduct a thorough inspection of the rear of the property. During this time it was discovered that the back door had been forced open. Upon closer inspection, the client confirmed that a flat-screen television was stolen. The officer reported this to the Monitoring Centre who contacted the South African Police Service (SAPS).

As he waited for the police to arrive, van Rensburg inspected the surrounding area and found the television, abandoned, in nearby Montagu Street. He returned it to the address where it was handed over to the police when they arrived.

Arno Hattingh, Manager of ADT Security’s Garden Route Branch, commended ARO van Rensburg for his diligence and had this advice for homeowners to beef up their security against opportunistic criminals:

“If you have a home alarm system installed, encourage everyone in the household to see that it is always armed when no-one is home. It is also important to regularly test the system, and all security hardware such as the battery and panic buttons, so that it is always in a good working condition. Also, inform your security provider when your contact details or those of your key-holders change, so that no time is wasted when they try to contact you in the event of an emergency or incident.”

Other home safety tips include:

–       Have the last person to leave the house check that all doors and windows are properly locked from the inside.

–       When no-one is home, angle blinds or draw curtains in a way that prevents prying eyes from peering in.

–       Regularly check burglar bars and safety gates for rusted or weak spots that would enable criminals to easily force them open.

–       Never leave garden tools or other equipment in the yard that burglars could use as a weapon or a means to gain entry to your home.

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