Missing our three kids in George – Do you hold the MISSING piece to the puzzle?

“Our world is becoming an open graveyard for MISSING persons”, Consulting Detectives says, because not enough people is paying attention – “The MISSING shouldn’t be buried in a filing cabinet”

Story:  HELP find the MISSING and to solve this case in George – It’s happened before – and it could happen again … Three children from one family vanished in broad daylight on 2 October 2004 in George and despite exhaustive searches by the Police and community there’s still no trace of them or clue to what happened. It’s as if the earth swallowed them.

See latest story in die Volksblad on 27 July 2012and also attached files – http://www.volksblad.com/Aktueel/Nuus/Aarde-kon-nie-3-kinders-ingesluk-het-20120727

See the Facebook page: Do YOU hold the MISSING piece of the puzzle? COLD CASE FILE – Please help us to find three MISSING kids – join this page or share it with your friends https://www.facebook.com/MissingOurThreeKids

Please contact Leon Rossouw @083 410 0900 for more information.

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