George Emergency Medical Services Paediatric Ambulance Handover

The Red Cross Children’s Hospital Trust will hand over a fully equipped paediatric ambulance to Western Cape Government Health’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) as part of the partnership between Western Cape Government Health’sEMSand the Children’s Hospital Trust.

The Eden District Neonatal ambulance is one of four paediatric ambulances that have been specially equipped to accommodate new born babies and toddlers. An initiative to meetEMS’s  annual strategic objectives in line with the millennium goals, to improve and expand mother and child health care in the province.

The ambulances will be the first of its kind in theEdendistrict, serving the George; Kwanokathula; Knysna and Hessequa communities. Previously EMS worked with one neonatal ambulance based inCape Town.  Paramedics would drive the vehicle out of the Metropole, if the Air Mercy Service was unable to respond to the paediatric call, taking resources out of the area of need.

The new ambulance is designated to theGeorgeHospitalas the health facilities play an important role in the region, providing paediatric units, meeting millennium goal objectives to provide superior service for the care of mothers and children.

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