Two Teens Almost Drown in Wilderness

Two teenage girls almost drowned this afternoon at a picnic resort in Wilderness at Kaaimansgat.

It is believed that the two, aged 16 and 14, went wading into the sea on a bank, when they were suddenly pulled under water as the bank disappeared. Fortunately for them, bystanders soon noticed that they did not resurface and they quickly swam to the girls’ rescue.

The two girls were pulled from the water and the bystanders immediately started CPR. The quick thinking of these bystanders may have directly contributed to saving their lives, as when Emergency Services arrived, they were suffering from shock and hypothermia, but they were still alive.

Metro services transported the 16 year old girl, who was in a more critical condition, while the ER24 ambulance transported the 14 year old girl. Both girls were taken to the George Provincial hospital for further assessment and treatment.

Vanessa Jackson

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