UFO spotted above George – video

04 February 2011 at 20h02 my three children and I spotted orange UFO,S. My youngest daughter Brenda (12 years old) shouted that there was something orange flying in the sky. We went outside and saw these strange orange UFO’s. In the video there is only one UFO. There were 2 more after that one. They weren’t flying together. They flew in a line – the one came after the other and followed the exact same route as the one before it. One of the UFO’s started to flash and the orange light dissapeared and we could see an round black object. There were no sound!! This was very strange!! We were freaked out!!! I have never believed in UFO’s, but after this experience – I AM A BELIEVER NOW!!! P.S. Sorry for alot of movement in video

View clip here: YouTube

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