Change in dates of the Water Forum Meeting

The quarterly George Water Forum meeting scheduled for February 1, 2011, has now is rescheduled to Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Location: Banquet Hall, George Civic Centre
Time: 09H00
During this meeting the Director of Civil Engineering Services Mr Harold Basson will give a presentation regarding drought management. 

The presentation will cover the: DROUGHT CRISIS:   MANAGEMENT, CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS: GEORGE. This presentation was presented at the IMESA Conference of the Institute of Municipal Engineers held in East London during 2010. For the forum meeting the focus will also be to convey information about the present water situation in George and the planning for the future. The planned projects will be specifically discussed. This will include the raising of the overflow of the Garden Route Dam. The municipality would like to invite everybody that has an interest or is just interested in water. The municipality is aware of so many stories around this topic with often misinformed basis that a special effort is made to invite a wide audience that will include NGO’s and formal professional institutions as well.

Please confirm your attendance of the meeting on or before February 11, 2011.

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