The Living Cornerstone

Since 2008, the Living Cornerstone Sedgefield has been caring for and looking after patients diagnosed with Dementia.

The organization is dependent mainly on sponsors and income generated from fundraising activities.
The next fundraising activity is our annual Golf Day on 27 November 2022.

We will not have been able to succeed if it was not for all the support we received from various sources.
This is why we have decided to initiate an annual donor’s event, where we want to thank and give back to those who have supported us unconditionally during the past year. Although most of the people and organizations who have supported us are known to us, we received contributions that were made anonymously. It is our wish that these individuals /organizations, get in contact with us, should they wish to do so, the reason being that we would like to give thanks to everybody who has made a contribution to our success this year. We also do not negate the support received from the local community, maybe one day not too far in the future, we will be able to invite the entire Sedgefield community to this function.

Please feel free to contact Marietjie at 082 428 0639 or

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