Household composting pilot project rolled out in Sedgefield

Knysna Municipality and the Garden Route District Municipality are excited to roll out a Household Composting Pilot Project in the Sedgefield area. Permanent residents in the Sedgefield area are invited to apply for participation in the pilot project, by Friday 17 May 2019.

Community Services chairperson, Councillor Welcome Salaze said that the pilot project would run for the duration of one year. “At this stage, we have made provision for thirty households who will be provided with a composting container, a worm farm, a scale and data sheets.

“I am delighted that we have received positive responses on our social media pages from residents requesting for the project to be rolled out in Greater Knysna. The data collected will be used to motivate for the extension of the project to all households in the Knysna municipal area.”

The thirty (30) households will be randomly selected from the applications received and must conform to the following minimum criteria in order to be selected:

  1. Must reside permanently in the Sedgefield area for the duration of the pilot project (at least one year).
  2. Must attend a training session regarding composting that will be held in Sedgefield
  3. Must participate in the pilot project and report organic waste quantities on a monthly basis for the duration of the pilot project (at least one year).
  4. Must have a garden on the premises from which green waste is generated.
  5. Must generate kitchen waste e.g. raw vegetable and fruit waste.

“We encourage Sedgefield residents to make use of this great opportunity.  Application forms are available on the Knysna Municipal website: or can be obtained from the Sedgefield Municipal Offices, Main Road, Sedgefield, remember to apply before the closing date Friday 17 May 2019”.

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