“Well-known” Sedgefield criminal arrested

A “well known” Sedgefield criminal was arrested in town recently, thanks to the quick response from a local armed response officer.

“We received an alarm signal from an address in Kokkewiet Street and dispatched the closest armed response officer to investigate,” says Pieter Meiring, branch manager for Fidelity ADT in the Garden Route.

The company uses an automatic dispatch system, which cuts back on response time and automatically alerts the armed response vehicle closest to an alarm signal.

“Armed response officer Phakamisa Kakaza was closest to the address and went to investigate. On his arrival, he found no visible signs of an attempted break-in at the front of the property and proceeded to investigate the back of the premises,” says Meiring.

It was here, he explains, that a suspect was located who was in the process of using a sharp metal object to force open a wooden sliding door.

“When the suspect saw our officer he immediately dropped the metal object and pleaded not to be arrested, but our officer apprehended the suspect,” says Meiring. The Fidelity ADT monitoring centre alerted Sedgefield SAPS, who soon arrived to take the suspect into custody.

Meiring says it later transpired that the arrested suspect was well-known to members of the police.

“I am very happy that we were able to help remove a repeat offender from our streets and place him behind bars where he belongs. It is important that we all work together to keep Sedgefield and the Garden Route safe. Well done to officer Kakaza for his calm and quick response in this incident.”

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