R19.5 million upgrade of the Sedgefield Waste Water Treatment Works

Knysna Municipality has carried out refurbishments and upgrades worth R19.5 million at the Sedgefield Waste Water Treatments Works (WWTW).

The project was mainly funded by the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) with additional funding form the municipality.

Knysna Executive Mayor, Mark Willemse stated that, “the WWTW has been operating for a number of years at its nominal capacity of 0.75Ml/day and has now been upgraded to 1.50 Ml/day. The recent upgrades were completed in two phases (1A and 1B). The first phase was completed in April 2017 and the most recent phase, commenced in March 2017 and was completed in April 2018.”

“The project included the upgrade of the existing WWTW to comply with the special standards for final effluent. The new technology implemented as part of the upgrade will not only enable to WWTW plant to handle the foreseeable future volumes but will also ensure that the municipality complies with the standards set by the Department of Water and Sanitation.”

The upgrade also addresses various infrastructure constraints which include treatment capacity needed for growth, sludge handling capacity, automation of major unit processes, safety and reliable phosphate removal. Additionally, it will enhance the environment and better deal with health and hygiene related issues.

According to Willemse, the upgrade of the Sedgefield WWTW was a very specialized process. “The type of work for this project required specific technical and engineering skills. However, I am delighted to report that the contractors also appointed local people. Employment opportunities to the extent of five labourers per week were created.” 

“Council is also looking into the second phase which will be the upgrade of bulk and reticulation sewer systems in Sedgefield. The municipality is in the process of applying for funding to implement portion of the proposed second phase”, concluded Willemse.

Consulting Engineers Neil Lyners and Associates, Golder Associates and Prentec Mechanical & Electrical Contractors worked on phases 1A and 1B of the project.

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