Book Launch: Journeys with Giants, the Lost Horses

Journeys with Giants, the Lost Horses is an adventure fantasy with a stringent thread of reality running through the book. The book, written by Christine Watt, has been well received by critics (‘It may be bigger than Harry Potter’ — Deborah Rudman) and will be launched at this year’s Slow Festival (14-16 April).

The book tells the story of saving the Heavy Draft horses (who are actually on the verge of extinction) and the planet. Christine Watt and her husband Peter started out on their path (which they now see as their destiny) with the Heavy Draft Percheron Horses 15 years ago at their farm Outeniqua Moon near Mossel Bay.  The Heavy Draft Horses around the world are severely endangered and rarer than Rhinos. It is their mission to save them — breed them — tell stories about them and work towards getting the horses Heritage Status in the world so that we will not lose these noble animals who are our last link to a world that used horse power and not machines to feed people. “When we lose them we are in danger of losing something of our souls and becoming more like the machines that we use” said Christine.

“We’ll be launching the book from our book tent on the Village Green, where you will be able to purchase a signed copy. In attendance every day will be the Incredible Mr Tobbs — in the flesh, the real Percheron who inspired the stories. You will be able to have your photo taken with him and sit on his back.”

For the Easter Street parade on Sunday 16th April, a giant Percheron mare from Outeniqua Moon, Temba Gasi, will be pulling a float through town laden with books and Easter Eggs. (Mr Tobbs is now retired)

All proceeds of the books will be going to the upkeep of the horses.

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