George teenagers trapped on rocks by high tide at Gerricke’s Point

SEDGEFIELD  23rd NOVEMBER 2011: three teenagers trapped on rocks by high tide: 

At 14h57 NSRI Wilderness volunteer sea rescue duty crew were called out to help three teenage anglers trapped on rocks at Gerricke’s Point, Swartvlei. 

The three, from George, had gone fishing on Gerricke’s Point at low tide but with the approaching spring tide they were cut off from mainland and called for help fearing that the high tide would swamp the rocks they were on. 

Our NSRI Wilderness duty crew launched the DISCOVERY rescue runner and our quad bike was dispatched to the scene while George Fire and Rescue Services were placed on alert. 

On arrival they were brought ashore one by one aboard the DISCOVERY rescue runner. Once all safely ashore they were treated for mild hypothermia before being collected by their parents and taken home no worse for wear. 

Sea Rescue urges anglers to wear life jackets while angling from rocks and to check out weather and tides before going fishing. 

The new moon spring tide is on the 25th November. High tide is already higher than normal and low tide is lower than normal. Rip currents will also be stronger than normal and this will last until about 5 days after the new moon spring tide. 

Spring tide happens twice every month of the year at new moon and again at full moon.

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