Evening with film director Koos Roets a great success in Plett

It was a cosy Thursday night on the 1st of October, down at Emily Moon where about 50 Plett locals gathered for a night of wine, wood fired pizza, a movie and a chance to chat away with one of South Africa’s foremost film directors, Oom Koos Roets, who was with his wife Eunice.

The reason? To raise funds for an upcoming short film set to be shot in Kranshoek, which is in itself is a heritage site as it is home to one of South Africa’s oldest tribes from the Khoi and San – The Griqua.

The short film celebrates a traditional Khoisan dance known as Riel dance; some call it Ikhapara. Here it competes with modern day Hip Hop dance as it tries to claim its place in a world where culture and tradition seem to be forgotten.

This short film is partly funded by Bitou Municipality’s Economic Development (ED), which was represented by Mr Lesley Jacobs. Inspired by the content and the vision of the man behind the project, Mr Jacobs told the crowd “there was no way Bitou Municipality couldn’t come on board and support it.”

The night began with a short introduction from Plett Tourism Manager, Cindy Wilson-Trollip, who cemented Plett Tourism’s commitment to support the project. Of course, the main speaker was the acclaimed South African film director, Koos Roets himself.

Oom Koos narrated a brief history of how he started in the industry and how his love for indigenous stories such as this, made him agree to work with Marius Murths, the producer of the film.

Guests enjoyed pizza and lots of wine before settling down to enjoy one of Oom Koos’ award-winning films, ‘n Pawpaw vir my Darling. A story about Afrikaners in a suburb of Damnville, trying to make a living in post-apartheid South Africa. All seen through the eyes of a dog.

A wonderful night altogether, and in the crowd we found several notable names including the former Plett mayor and now a member of Parliament Lulama Mvimbi, producer and popular actress Lika Berning, erstwhile TV presenter David Hall-Green, local press representatives and other Plett film-loving locals.

PHOTO BY PHOTOGRAPHER Wilhelm Vincent: (from left to right) Marius Murths, Koos Roets, Mel Botes, Eunice Roets, Lesley Jacobs and Wandisile Sebezo.


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