Media – Plett’s Jerusalema dance a huge hit

It’s been dubbed one of the biggest Jerusalema Dance Challenges in the world so far, and it took place right here at home in Plettenberg Bay.

Excerpts from SABC News

Around 700 of our residents gathered to dance to Master KG’s global hit. Regarded as the worldwide lockdown anthem, they strutted their stuff to the homegrown beat.

With the easing of lockdown regulations recently, this was the ultimate celebration for our town as they practiced in their homes, at work and at school. “I’m the Zumba instructor here in Plettenberg Bay. So, I made a video and it went viral in our town and it’s awesome, and we got so much support and lekker on hier to wees. From knee-high to brick… I think 70-80 plus. Everyone’s here. Pletts, a fabulous community and everyone pulled together to make this a big success,” says Zumba instructor, Merle Hagerman. Watch Merle’s instruction video here.

Observing strict social distancing, Main Street was shut down as the countdown began, the street saw hundreds of people, masked and social-distanced, dancing to the hit track. The idea behind the dance challenge was to bring our community together following a few rough months since the pandemic hit.

They call it the Jerusalema Challenge, but it is more a significance of people coming together with a purpose, to be able to express themselves. And I think we all need expression during this time after all those months of no expression. It gets very deep. So, this was a wonderful way just to come out of it and have a good time,” says organiser, Rob Bokelann.

We’re excited to share the final aerial video of this global phenomenon turned local dance craze from videographer, Daron Chatz – watch this space… In the meantime, check out this segment from SABC.


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