Letters – From the desk of Plett Tourism CEO, Marius Venter

An update on the recent months under lockdown

Dear members of the Plett Tourism Industry,

We will soon be entering our 4th month of national lockdown restrictions and our hearts go out to the entire community of Plettenberg Bay as we tally-up the devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our sincere condolences to the family and friends of those who have lost loved ones due to this terrible virus. It cannot be overstated how unprecedented this time is for the global community. The tourism industry has ground to a halt, for our clients, for our company, and for each of us. Let’s hope that this period in time will be a defining experience for our era, and one that we can overcome.

The tourism industry has experienced what we believe is the greatest reduction in business that we may see in our lifetimes. We watched with grave concern as the world shut their borders, ground their airlines and urged people to stay at home.

Over the course of the past four months, Plett Tourism has taken on somewhat of a slightly different role. Through our work with the COVID-19 Response Team and the Bitou Municipality, we have assisted with the opening and supply management chain for 63 soup kitchens in the Bitou area. Amongst these 63 kitchens.

The following organization has played such a vital role in making Plett even greater than it was, caring for our communities in need by feeding cup to 10,000 people per day via 63 soup kitchens. A big thank you to Plett Tourism, Plett Aid Foundation, The Ckick Foundations, Sabrina Love Foundation and The Solidarity Fund.

Plett was the first town in South Africa to introduce free hand sanitizer which was placed all around Plett in 5000L tanks , the placement of these tanks is in vulnerable areas, we can confirm that 9 of these tanks are now currently active in the areas.


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