Some good news from Lunchbox Theatre

In these difficult times of Coronavirus we are faced with many challenges. We need to re-invent the way we appraoch our family life, our social interactions and our work life.

So many of these situations have changed in ways we never imagined possible. And now we need to find ways to address these challenges with the most mindful and compassionate approaches possible.

As an educational theatre company we have had to pull on our creative spirit to find new ways to spread information. Schools are closed so we cannot perform our shows or conduct ASAP workshops.

And so was born an experimental film that we made using our actors filming themsleves at home on the cell phones. We are really pleased with the positive feedback we have received. Let us know what you think..


To inform the kids in a fun way about the Coronavirus and how they can make an impact.

Watch the short video here

Another New Project


We are very excited to be teaming up with iKasi Media and Bonitas Medical Fund to create a series of 10 short video clips informing people about Coronavirus.

These 30 sec clips will draw on the characters of the short vid you watched above and focus on 3 points of awareness:

1) What is the Coronavirus?

2) How can I help to stop it’s spread?

3) How can I help to spread awareness?

You will meet Tannie Marie, Tamkulu Kwalo, a new conspiracy theorist and our brand new and very knowledgeable Dr Joe.


Lunchbox Theatre continues to pay our staff their salaries during these difficult times and offer asistance where ever needed.

We are hard at work finding new and innovative ways to reach the kids and their communities. 


By supporting Lunchbox Theatre you will be:

  • Helping us to keep this unique, Plett organisation alive
  • Playing a part in educating children about important social and environmental issues 
  • Contributing towards creating sustainable employment for our amazing actors  
  • Doing your bit to change the mindsets of our youth 
  • Influencing the future of our country around the way people live their lives and interact with animals 

Make a positive difference now by donating to us VIA THIS LINK.

Thank you in advance!

Stuart Palmer

Director of Lunchbox Theatre

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