Bitou: Forensic investigation report will strengthen DA’s charges against AUF/ANC

On Friday the 14th of February 2020, the Democratic Alliance (DA) in Bitou met with the Directorate of Priority Crime Investigation (HAWKS) in George to provide further information, which was revealed through the latest forensic investigation report, to charges the DA had already laid in April 2018.

The initial charges of 2018 followed a previous forensic investigation initiated by the DA Bitou caucus leader, Bill Nel, while the DA was in a brief coalition agreement with the AUF. This first forensic investigation was met with constant interference and attempts to stop it by Mayor Peter Lobese from the AUF and the ANC sympathetic Municipal Manager, Thabo Ndlovu.  It was also the straw that broke the camel’s back, forcing Lobese to break the coalition with the DA to flee back to the cover of his first coalition partner the ANC.

The ANC/AUF coalition immediately set about illegally recalling the suspended Municipal Manager and stopping both the pending disciplinary charges against Thabo Ndlovu and Director of Corporate services, Vuyokazi Mbelani.

Fortunately, the second forensic investigation conducted under the auspices of Minister Bredell, although met with equal dogged ANC/AUF resistance, managed to delve deeper and uncover more specific details into the mismanagement of the municipality.

Armed with the knowledge of these two forensic reports, the residents and ratepayers of Bitou are becoming increasingly impatient with the ANC/AUF governed Bitou Municipality’s inability to take action against those implicated in these reports.

The DA remains committed to accountable, transparent and clean governance and we aim to deliver on this mission even where we serve as the opposition. In the 2016 election the DA missed the opportunity to deliver on its clean governance record by a mere 21 votes which would have given it the outright majority.

The DA again calls on all parties in the Bitou Council to support our efforts to root out the prevailing corruption.

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