Blog – Wandisile’s Plett: Exploring Heritage & Street Food in Plett

Besides the scenic views and pristine beaches found in Plett, we also boast some of the best and affordable street food. Exploring urban heritage is an exciting new element to township tourism, and in this article we showcase street food from one of the oldest townships in Plett – Qolweni.

If you’re a foodie by nature, you might want to rock up at Endaweni Tshisanyama for some really sizzling township culture and select township cuisines.

Qolweni Township, being an informal settlement in its design, makes it even more appealing as the setting complements the food.

You see, it’s all about the attitude – if you’re willing to get your hands dirty and as the saying goes, “do as the Romans do,” chances are your visit to an urban Tshisanyama would be much more pleasant.

It’s one of our newest eateries in Plett, owned and managed by Valithuba Olifants, an architect by profession who certainly has big plans about the place.

I tried out their simple menu, it offers cultural food basics such as pap and vleis, chicken wings, boerewors and lamb chops. All this together with the famous South African braai relish – chakalaka.

No doubt street food in South Africa has earned its place as an urban heritage delight, some of the famous and delicious include Bunny Chow, Amagwinya (vetkoek or fried bread with filling), Walkie Talkie (chicken feet) and Smiley (can be sheep’s head or pig’s head).

The nice things about street food is that it’s easy to find, either from a proper Tshisanyama like Endaweni in Qolweni, or a street vendor in some busy corner.

These foods are also easy on your pocket, especially for those of us who have some spare change to spare.
Exploring urban heritage and culture and finding street food in Plettenberg Bay is easy. There are maps available that can help you navigate the area.

We make exploring urban heritage and culture and finding street food easy in Plettenberg Bay along the Garden Route. Get in touch with the different street food vendors and township restaurants.

Mnandi.  Luncuthu.


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