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Exploring Urban Heritage in Plett: A look at Bashman Movement by Wandisile Sebezo

To commemorate Heritage Month, I thought it best to look at “Urban Heritage”. In this first part of our ‘Exploring Urban Heritage’ series, I look at township streetwear through the lens of Plett’s very own “Bashman Movement”.

Whether you’re in Khayelitsha, Cape Town or in Mdantsane, East London, or perhaps in Tembisa, Johannesburg or maybe even Umlazi in Durban, three out of five young people you meet are probably wearing locally branded t-shirts.

When it comes to clothes that merge fashion with culture as seen in the bigger cities of South Africa – Plett is sure not about to be left out.

These days, it seems, you don’t need to have a large following on Twitter to have your voice heard, a mere t-shirt is enough. From political statements to your favourite pop stars, just about anything can be printed.

I sat down with one of the youngsters from Kwano, Xolisile Peter, who is in the business of t-shirt branding to chat about this new business model that seems to be catching township kids’ attention by storm.

Bashman Movement is a local streetwear brand based in Kwano; started by three friends, Xolisile Peter, Brian Lukwe and Vuyisani Jikinqina while scattered at different institutions of higher learning at the time of their start-up… // continued…


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