Fundraiser – Kwano Cycling Academy: The First World Champions

Michael Charton returns to Plett to tell his second story: THE FIRST WORLD CHAMPIONS.

The story is flush with nostalgia and emotion but is inherently less intense than MY FATHER’S COAT which Michael put on earlier this year in Plett.

The story explores the origins of the unique rivalry between the All Blacks and the Springboks: two countries united in their passion for rugby but divided by their politics. A forgotten Springbok tour of New Zealand in 1937 provides the platform and characters through which Michael brings this story to life. His message celebrates of the value system associated with rugby’s amateur era and it serves as a nostalgic reminder of what is important in life and legacy.

Tickets are R240, including light snacks and a glass of wine. To whet your appetite please take a minute to watch the promo video.

The event is presented by Investec, with all proceeds going to the Kwano Cycling Academy.


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