Events – Art is long & life is short – Get to Plett ARTS Festival 2019

21 – 28 June 2019: “Vision with action can change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Envisioned 4 years ago, the Plett ARTS Festival was put into action by the Plett Tourism team.  Strategised as a cultural event during the winter holiday to dovetail with the adventure sports highlighted at our neighbour, Knysna’s Oyster Festival, in line with the appeal of heritage and culture for tourists and, in time, to become a contender amongst the top arts festivals in the world.  Bearing in mind that reputation is grown out of years of consistent quality and steady sustained delivery.  The National Arts Festival in Makhanda is 47 years in the making, and the Knysna Oyster Festival, 35.

Only in its 3rd year, Plett ARTS Festival had not yet found its feet, but was morphing into an identity quite unique, and had garnered a small, but growing loyal following.  The eccentric couple from Mexico City who plan their annual trip to Plett to coincide with the Plett ARTS Festival come to mind, and many others.

Under the Plett ARTS Festival umbrella, the already popular Plett Fringe, brought to the boards by the Kids of Kurland foundation, formed the hub of the theatrical offering with drama, music and the best comedy in the country.  Film, dance, jazz and fine arts had extended the repertoire.

The festival finds itself once again in the hands of citizens of Plett who have galvanised to maintain the Plett ARTS Festival despite budgets not being available for the full-fledged event. Plett Tourism will be handling the marketing and branding of an extensive visual art event, organised and presented by the artists of Plett, in collaboration with artists and performers from Kwano.  The Kids of Kurland will also be on the block with comedy at The Fringe.

Nelson Mandela also said, “It is in your hands to make a difference.”  Our gratitude to those who are rolling up their sleeves to keep Plett ARTS Festival alive while Plett Tourism continues a concerted effort for funding in 2020, in a tough economic climate. 

All that is required from you is to wrap up against the chilly winter evenings and warm your cockles at the open nights of art and laugh your hearts out at The Fringe. 

Plett ARTS Festival runs from 21 – 28 June 2019.


Photo: Fran van Rooyen

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