Election Day 8 May

To all DA supporters in Bitou.  The National & Provincial Elections on 8 May are probably the most critical in our democratic history since 1994. We have to do two things:

We must win the Western Cape again.

The DA is the only party that has demonstrated ability to govern and deliver. Please read the record of 10 years of good governance by the DA in the Western Cape on the link below.


But we cannot be complacent about winning an outright majority again. We have to get out to vote. The ANC is doing everything they can, including organizing violent protests, to keep the DA below 50% hoping that they could then form a governing coalition with small parties.

 A coalition government between the ANC & EFF in the Western Cape would be catastrophic. In a question of months they would bring back corruption and destroy the last decade of the best governed province in SA. All the good work done by the DA over the past 10 years could be undone. Those of us who live in Bitou know full well that this would happen as we have witnessed the terrible consequences of the ANC/AUF coalition governing Bitou Municipality.

The DA does and will fight tooth and nail against corruption, land expropriation without compensation, National Health Insurance plans, as well as E-Tolls. An ANC/EFF government would force all these policies on the Western Cape.

If you vote for a small party that has never delivered anything, all you are doing is opening the door for ANC looters.

We must vote DA on the National Ballot

to make sure that the DA is bigger and stronger, has more MPs in Parliament to fight against the stated party policies of both the ANC & the EFF – Land expropriation without compensation, nationalisation of the banks & the current National Health Insurance plans.

It is a fallacy to think that you can vote for Cyril Ramaphosa. You would be voting for the ANC which simply means they get more MPs from their candidate list of rogues and the DA gets fewer good people in.

The EFF has already stated that it will go into coalition with the ANC.

We must be bigger and stronger in Parliament to expose corruption, the destruction of the morality of our society by rampant greed and looting, the destruction of our SOEs, and State Capture as we have been doing for the last decade.

No other Party is big enough to do this.

It is therefore essential that we all turnout to vote for the DA on Wednesday 8 May.

Please encourage your, family, friends and neighbours to do the same.

We appeal to you to note:

  • Voting hours are from 7.00 am to 9.00 pm.
  • Take your ID Book or ID Smartcard. (You do not need proof of residence).
  • Please vote as early as you can, by 3.00pm if possible.
  • Come to the DA table to be marked off as voted. This helps us to monitor our progress.
  • Make time for your staff to go and vote
  • Make sure you are given 2 Ballot papers
  1. Western Cape Provincial Ballot – VOTE DA
  2. National Parliament Ballot – VOTE DA
  • Make sure they are stamped on the back. If not, they will be invalid spoilt ballots.
  • If you make a mistake on a ballot you are allowed to ask for a replacement.  Don’t crumple it up or throw it away.  Take it to the Presiding Officer who will give you a new ballot.
  • There are 48 parties on the National Ballot and 34 on the Provincial Ballot. So, look carefully for Democratic Alliance with its logo.
  • Visitors to Plett can vote at any voting station in Bitou. If they are from the Western Cape they will receive both Provincial and National ballots. If they are from another Province they will be able vote on the National ballot.


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