Read – Natural Born Campers

With the rise of terms such as “digital nomad” and “citizen of the world”, and the increasingly popular #VanLife, we are moving into an era of work and travel accessibility like never before.

If you can work from anywhere, why would you be office-bound? If you can stay in a different nature reserve or national park every fortnight, and still earn a living, why wouldn’t you?

Meet a new type of traveller: one without an itinerary, but with a sleeping bag, a backpack and a laptop. Someone who earns online and who is embracing a culture of experience and immersion over shopping and lavish hotel rooms. These travellers get around; and stay awhile.

So, this post is for those digital nomads, those world-wide wanderers and nature-enthusiasts who choose their accommodation based on its views of the night sky and proximity to the nearest swimming hole. Here, for your convenience: camping in Plettenberg Bay.


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