Environmental – Plett Ocean Day challenge

The Fat Fish in partnership with Nature’s Valley Trust, Renew Able Plett, Keep Plett Clean and Plett Tourism are aiming to put Plett on the map as the No.1 South African tourist destination that is actively demonstrating leadership in the prevention of plastic pollution.

The challenge is for every Plett restaurant, café, and take-away to strive to achieve the following three objectives by 8 June 2019 – World Ocean’s Day:

  • The elimination of plastic straws
  • The elimination of individually wrapped after-dinner sweets
  • The elimination of polystyrene take-away containers

Business owners will be equipped with the tools and resources required to make the necessary changes within their establishments.  The days of insignificant gestures to show your support for the environment are over.  2019 is the year we make it happen for the environment, for Plett and for the South African tourism industry as a whole.
This is a truly community-driven event calling on over 80 local businesses to participate and make a tangible difference to the way in which Plettenberg Bay is perceived as a whole. 

If successful, this challenge has the potential to add an entirely new dimension to our town’s profile – that of South Africa’s Top Eco -Friendly Destination.  In addition, we are hoping that this is not simply a once-off campaign but will be followed up each year – focusing on different sectors within our local economy and expanding the objectives of those that have already participated.

For more information, please contact Nicola Ash on nicola@thefatfish.co.za or call 044 533 4740.


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