Plett Tourism and the Plett Winelands cancel the 2019 Plett Wine & Bubbly Festival

The Plett Wine & Bubbly Festival 2019 will regrettably not take place as planned, and has been postponed to March 2020.

The decision has been made following the late withdrawal of the sponsorship. Plett Tourism and Plett Winelands are committed to a festival which embodies the quality which people have come to associate with the Plett wine region and so have postponed the event rather than produce a scaled down version.

We are developing a new business model which will include sourcing private sponsorship and other revenue generation mechanisms.

Plett Tourism and Plett Winelands apologise to all concerned, but will return with another world class experience in 2020. Those who have already bought tickets will receive their refunds as soon as possible via Quicket.

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