Do you know the answer to this Million Dollar riddle?

Why would some crazy cyclists use their legs to pay it forward to promote green jobs and save starfish dogs and human lives in a display of good clean, community spirit?

In this newsletter, you will find the answer through some very interesting characters who will be raising funds for Lunchbox Theatre via the 41st Cape Town Cycle Tour in 2019.

You will read about a Doctor who is helping to heal the world through live theatre shows so that you can spare your legs and use your fingers instead. You may be tempted to support an actor who will be encouraging kids to ‘pay it forward’ for animals. Or perhaps appreciating the fact that every dog and cat is special, will stimulate you to action? You may feel that creating Green Job Leaders is a very important mission to support. Perhaps you will be touched by the community spirit that our Legends embrace as they actively work towards a cleaner world. Or maybe the chance to save the lives of young South Africans is an irresistible urge?

We have called this a Million Dollar Riddle because no money is as valuable as the job we do. The answer is “because our Legends find their participation in supporting live theatre shows a very satisfying investment into making South Africa a better place and it is your donations that will make their endeavour a success.”

We would love to hear your thoughts about which causes resonate with you! Press here to follow the Lunchbox Legend Links and then donate to your favourite legendary cause and set the tone for a great 2019.

Here is a challenge … start strengthening your legs or get your finger ready if you care about elephants

Did you know that there is thought to be only one free-roaming elephant left hiding in the Knysna Forest? Did you know that elephants are a “keystone species”, meaning that they look after the place where they live, which helps other animals? What will happen if our youth follow the example of their forefathers and elephants become extinct?

Brendon Morris has some interesting reasons that you will love.

The Cape Town Cycle Tour is daunting. So why is Brendon Morris cycling it in 2019? Brendon will be pedalling to educate children within poorer communities and, hopefully, help to save their lives. He will be dedicating his ride to his Mom, June Morris. Many caring people supported Brendon in 2018. Can you guess which one of Lunchbox Theatre’s eight shows Brendon chose to honour their donation?

Who is this guy who finds it fun to be a Lunchbox Legend and cycle for kids?

Paul Leger tells us why Lunchbox ‘ticks all the boxes’ when he chooses where to invest his fundraising efforts. Consider what it takes to be a Lunchbox Legend in the Cape Town Cycle Tour. You will join some other crazy people and cycle long distances and up high mountains.

When he returned from a life abroad, Matt Covarr was struck by the sense of community in his hometown and is doing something amazing to contribute towards it.

Where is the best place in the world to live? You would need to have lived somewhere other than your hometown to be able to compare, right? Matthew Covarr believes that Plettenberg Bay is not only the most beautiful place in the world, but it is also enhanced by its caring community.

The Starfish Story is Ubuntu at its best … reassuring us that every being on Earth is important

If you are a caring person no doubt you will have heard and it will resonate with you. However, what does this have to do with our Legend, Mark Shortreed?

Legend, Jantie Oosthuizen, needs your help to make more youngsters environmentally aware for very good reasons.

Are you in the mood for some good news? Is it time to point our children in the right direction with something so logical it should be patented.

Join Legend Clyde Berning as we play the ‘Pay it Forward Game’ with A Dogs Life.

You know that ‘Pay it Forward’ means that when someone does a good deed for you, instead of paying them back, you pay it forward by doing 3 good deeds for someone else? Do you want to have some fun with us?

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