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Dear DA friends

All of us in South Africa have an indescribable feeling of relief and hope since we (the DA, other opposition parties, Civil Society, the Press, brave independent journalists and investigators, the mainstream churches, the judiciary and the Constitutional Court) have brought Zuma down.

It has taken the DA nine years of court challenges and multi-million rands to re-instate the 783 charges of corruption against Zuma and challenge the appointment of corrupt, incompetent officials in the SOEs, Police, Prosecution Departments, Intelligence services, SARS – the list goes on and on.
People have been attacked and vilified and had their lives destroyed when they worked to expose the criminality and greed.
There is so much hope now pinned on Cyril Ramaphosa. The danger is that we become complacent and believe that all the country’s problems will be solved by him.
 But we must never forget that the problem was not just Zuma but also the ANC.
The ANC supported and covered up for Zuma and his deployed ministers and officials. The rot runs deep right down to Local Municipal Government, as we well know in Bitou, where we are also battling to expose and root out the looting and corruption.
We dare not sit back now. One way we can contribute to the country’s future is by holding the government to account through vigorous and constructive opposition.  This starts with the ballot box and it is essential to make sure that we are all registered to vote in the upcoming National and Provincial Elections in 2019.
On Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 March 2018 all Voting Stations will be open from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm for Registration and Address Verifications.
We must find and register new voters in Bitou who have never registered to vote, or have recently moved to Plett, or will turn 18 in 2019 and will be eligible to vote.
Even if you are already registered please go and check your address on the Voters Roll. Many addresses are incorrect or out of date.
To register or check your address take your ID book (or card) to your nearest Voting Station.
I appeal to you all to help by
  • Asking everyone you know if they are registered here
  • Asking new neighbours to please go and register
  • Letting us know of unregistered people’s contact details – email addresses, cell number. We will contact them to assist them to register.
For queries and information about Voting Stations please contact:
Di Butlin  Cell 082 569 2571
OR Liz Mundell  Cell 083 303 8094
Liz Mundell, Bitou Constituency Chair and Campaign Manager
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