DA incited violence – ANC

Theuns Botha

Yazeed Kamaldien –

Top DA officials in the provincial government should be sacked if police find them guilty of public violence, the ANC said on Wednesday.

The ANC accused DA officials of inciting locals in a Plettenberg Bay township to destroy property and houses belonging to ANC members.

The ANC also claimed that the violence was motivated by a bid to unseat their party in the area’s Bitou municipality.

Efforts to get comment from the DA proved fruitless despite repeated promises to respond.

The National Public Prosecuting Authority’s office in the province confirmed it had received affidavits outlining the ANC allegations. It was still to decide whether to investigate the matter.

Fezile Calana, provincial treasurer of the ANC, yesterday said it was not the first time that their party had come under attack in Bitou.

“We were not shocked to find out that the violence in Bitou was financed by an outside force. All those found directly involved must be dealt with,” said Calana.

The NPA confirmed that allegations had been submitted to the police by Plettenberg Bay attorney Hardy Mills. He represents the Justice and Equality Front which monitors corruption in local municipalities.

The front’s website outlines the allegations against the DA in an article entitled “Theuns Botha & Donald Grant linked to high treason, sedition and public violence”. It says that “various cars and assets were damaged or destroyed” and that the “houses of various prominent members of the ANC and DA were burnt down.”

“The hostility originated in political tension between supporters of the DA and the ANC about the affairs of the Bitou Council,” it says.

“The suspicion that members and/or supporters of the DA, in one way or the other, instigated the violence was widely held among ANC supporters in the area.

“The DA and a certain political grouping known as Qina Mhlali Qina (QMQ) had been working together towards their common stated goals of eradicating corruption, maladministration and undemocratic governance inPlettenbergBaysince early 2007.

Source:  The New Age

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