Celebrating the Women of Boplaas Family Vineyards

The rich history of Boplaas Family Vineyards has been shaped significantly by the remarkable women who have played pivotal roles in its journey, and their influence continues to be felt to this day.

Ouma Cloete Straw Wine – A Timeless Tribute

Inextricably intertwined with wine culture, the Boplaas family legacy draws from both the Nel family, the original proprietors of Blauwklippen and descendants of the French Huguenots, and the Cloete family, renowned owners of Groot Constantia. One of the esteemed matriarchs of the family, Jeannette Cloete, has been immortalized with the creation of the Boplaas Ouma Cloete Straw Wine. Crafted using the same traditional method that once gave rise to the famous Constantia Wines, this delightful vintage stands as a tribute to her enduring spirit.

Ouma Roline – A Stoepsit Sauvignon Blanc

A cherished memory of Carel Nel’s mother, Ouma Roline, comes alive in the form of the Boplaas Stoepsit Sauvignon Blanc. In fond recollections, she would often indulge in a glass or two of this vibrant Sauvignon Blanc while basking on her stoep with friends every afternoon. This delightful wine embodies the essence of those heartwarming moments and serves as a loving homage to Ouma Roline’s joyful spirit.

Margaux Nel – A Winemaking Prodigy

Guided by a passion for oenology, Margaux Nel, the talented winemaker at Boplaas, pursued her MSc at Stellenbosch University, focusing her thesis on the exquisite Touriga Nacional grape as both a table wine and a fortified Port in the Calitzdorp terroir. Under her expert stewardship, Boplaas has earned numerous accolades, including Platter 5 stars, Veritas Double Gold, Tim Atkin’s Port of the Year, and numerous awards for their exceptional Touriga Nacional table wine.

Rozanne Nel – Pioneering Marketing Excellence

Leading the charge in marketing endeavors at Boplaas is Rozanne Nel, the eldest daughter of Carel and Jeanne. Equipped with her education from Stellenbosch, Rozanne has been instrumental in elevating the Boplaas brand to new heights. With her innovative strategies and passion for the wine industry, she continues to drive the winery’s success into the future. 

Jeanne Nel – The Backbone of Boplaas Administration

Hailing from an esteemed Ostrich farming family and a graduate of Stellenbosch University, Jeanne Nel, Carel’s wife, has been the steadfast force ensuring the smooth functioning of Boplaas’ administrative affairs. Her dedication and commitment have been vital in maintaining the winery’s operations and fostering a strong foundation for growth.

A Multitude of Influential Women at Boplaas

Beyond the notable women in the Boplaas family, a host of other incredible women plays indispensable roles in the winery’s operations:

  • Ellenore Cronje: Financial Manager
  • Zelda Botha: Despatch and Marketing
  • Ray Cromhout: Tasting Room Manager
  • Caro Meiring: Marketing
  • Tessa Coetzee: Assistant in Cellar
  • Annarie Cornelius: Admin and Exports
  • Janneke Nel: Finance and Admin
  • Nicel Dunlop: Tasting Room (George)

Their passion, expertise, and dedication contribute to the ongoing success and reputation of Boplaas Family Vineyards. Their collective efforts reflect the progressive strides made by women in the wine industry, forging new paths and crafting a legacy that will inspire generations to come.

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