Councilor MacPherson sworn in

Oudtshoorn, 13 July 2020 – Councillor Chris MacPherson has been sworn in as councillor at the Oudtshoorn Council Chambers today.

Gideon Badenhorst, Cllr Noluthando Mwati, Cllr Chris MacPherson, Cllr Julia le Roux-Krowitz and Reginald Smit

MacPherson effectively joined the Oudtshoorn Municipal Council on 3 July 2020 when the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) declared him a new councillor for the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Oudtshoorn Council. 

Macpherson, who is a former member of the Oudtshoorn Council, replaces the former executive mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Colan Sylvester who ceased to hold the office of councillor in the Oudtshoorn Council in June 2020.

The Acting Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Councillor Noluthando Mwati, Speaker Councillor Julia le Roux-Krowitz and Mr. Reginald Smit, acting municipal manager were present during the swearing of councillor MacPherson this morning.

A local attorney, Gideon Badenhorst was the commissioner of oath.

Gideon Badenhorst, Cllr Noluthando Mwati and Chris MacPherson

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