Gift of the Givers brings hope to Cango Wildlife Ranch staff

COVID-19 has devastated Cango Wildlife Ranch. This is undeniably a statement hanging on the lips of many privately, and family-owned businesses across the world.

With no tourists travelling and a tremendous amount of uncertainty as to what the future holds, Cango Wildlife Ranch has had to not only cut every non-essential cost but also put the majority off the staff on UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund).

This means that the staff are also surviving on the bare minimum, in anticipation for the government to lift restrictions in tourism.

This is why it was such a phenomenal gesture and the most beautiful act-of-kindness when Gift of the Givers, Africa’s largest disaster response non-governmental organisation in Africa, reached out to help our family.

They arranged with Carmen Ellis (Manager, The Cheetah Preservation Foundation) to do a food parcel drop-off on Saturday, 6th of June 2020.  Their parcels were much-more than anyone anticipated and will greatly assist our team and their families at home in the worst of times. If one had to try and pin down the feeling and energy at the time in words;  gratitude, camaraderie, and hope come the closest!

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