Smoke detectors successfully installed in the Greater Oudtshoorn area

Oudtshoorn, 18 February 2020 – Oudtshoorn Fire, Rescue and Disaster Management Services have successfully completed the smoke detector project in the Greater Oudtshoorn Area’s informal settlements.

“We received 200 smoke detectors from the Western Cape Provincial Government:  Fire and Rescue Services October 2019.  The guidelines for this project were that a smoke detector should be placed in every 3rd informal dwelling as a start-up,” said Adél Supra-Vertue, manager for fire, rescue and disaster management at Oudtshoorn Municipality.

The installation process was as follows:

  • Oudtshoorn was completed between October and November 2019
  • Volmoed was completed in February 2020
  • Dysselsdorp was completed in February 2020
  • De Rust was completed in February 2020

“The type of smoke detector that was installed picks up smoke very quickly to alert occupants of the dangers of a fire nearby or in their own home,” Supra-Vertue added. “There is no installation fee nor are there any maintenance on the smoke detector.  The battery that is supplied with the smoke detector lasts 10 years.  All the owner needs to do is test the detector once a month to ensure that it still functions.  Any problems are reported to the Fire Department for attention or possible replacement.” 

“The project is having great success in the Western Cape with the amount of Informal Dwellings burning down to be lower due to early detection as well as the saving of lives during a fire also due to early detection.  We are very excited about the project and are confident that the smoke detector will make a difference. 

“This project forms part of our Risk Reduction programs in the area for Disaster Management,” Supra-Vertue concluded. 

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