10 Kilograms of Happy Hippolove!

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Harry our lovely little hippo has finally toppled the scale at a whopping 10kgs this week. At one month of age, he has doubled in size and this is just the beginning! Harry is doing exceptionally well. He is healthy and happy and cuter than ever. His curator mommy, Toni Inggs, gleams proudly when talking about her baby boy, and explains that his personality is nothing short of delightful! Harry’s feeding schedule now consists of feeds every 4 hours, and he easily gulps down 300mls of  yummy solution each time, after which he still gets his lovely bath and playtime. Needless to say Toni has shifted from bathing him in the baby-bath to bathing him in a normal bath as it is becoming a bit of a tight squeeze. “He absolutely loves the water and spends ages wallowing and playing in the tub,” says Toni Inngs. Harry also enjoys neck scratches in the bath, while mommy Toni makes sure he is squeaky clean! Harry has held his breath under water for 2 minutes already, making it clear that the hippo instincts are all there! Of late Harry enjoys little runs around the garden and to and from his bath…keeping mommy Inngs on her tippy toes. Harry has also started eating bits of banana and loves to sniff out all the lovely things in the garden. Harry our little heart-breaker continues to attract interest worldwide, and we are just too happy that we can share his lovely little life with you.

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