Water Purifiers by Absolute Trading

Absolute Trading is a company specialising in the sale of 2 barrel water purifiers, that is based in Oudtshoorn, in the Western Cape province. 

The water purifiers sold by Absolute Trading: 

• Are easy to install.

• Come with adaptors to fit on any average household tap.

• Purifies on average 150 litres of water every hour. 

The filter of these water purifiers was designed to deliver the most refreshing water directly from one’s very own water supply. 

How the filter of these water purifiers work is as follows: 

• The filter clean and purifies the water by removing:

o Particles.

o Odours.

o Colour.

o And unpleasant tastes.

• The filter helps to reduce any chalkiness to the same level as is found in soft water.

• Water passes through a multi filtration process which helps to eliminate:

o Water sediment.

o Chlorine.

o And microorganisms in the water. 

The following are the advantages over other water purifiers which the water purifiers of Absolute Trading have to offer:

• Complete purification.

• Easy clean.

• Long working life.

• Low cost. 

If you are searching for more information on the purchase of the water purifiers available from Absolute Trading, get in touch today. 

Contact Details: 

Contact Number:

044 272 8723 

Cell Number:

083 419 4785 

Contact Person:






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