Jonty Rhodes visits Cango Wildlife Ranch

I bet facing Brett Lee wasn't half as scary...

A cricket legend graced Cango Wildlife Ranch with his presence late last week… the one and only Mr. Jonty Rhodes!

Jonty is currently residing inIndia, as he was appointed as the fielding coach for the Mumbai Indian Premier League T20 Cricket competition. Most recently, he has been traveling around SA on behalf of SA tourism to promoteSouth Africaas a Tourism destination for the Indian Market. Jonty was a great sport during his visit – not only did he stroke our adult cheetahs, and play with our Bengal Snowtiger cubs, but he also went face-to-face with our giant Nile crocodiles in our ultimate croc-cage dive! The most daring (or should I say daunting) moment of his day involved a very close encounter with our 2.5m Burmese python, JJ. He soon realized his skepticism of JJ was undue, and quickly gained enough courage to give him a few strokes!

It was such a pleasure having Jonty visit us. He said he looks forward to bringing is family to experience the ranch, and we look forward to welcoming him back!

Jonty excitedly wrote in our visitors book, “All 10 fingers and toes still there!!”

We hope that the animals and the ranch… bowled him over!

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